Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Why I hate ACER...and you should never buy one...

I never had any problems with ACER, until they decided to push the worst customer service on me.

Haris M I: Hi, my name is Haris M I. How may I help you?
Josh Taylor: I have been having issues with my added graphics cards. Sometimes it is seen upon power on and sometimes not.
Haris M I: Good evening. Josh.
Haris M I: I am happy to help you. Could you please provide the serial number of your computer?
Josh Taylor: Ahoy
Josh Taylor: xxxxxxxxxxx
Josh Taylor: Sorry, that was the SNID...you need the SN?
Haris M I: Thank you very much!
Haris M I: The serial number is robotrosuxxxxxxxx.
Haris M I: Please verify it.
Haris M I: Are you getting my message?
Josh Taylor: Correct.
Haris M I: Josh, I am unable to respond you due to some technical issues from our end, please accept my sincere apologies.
Josh Taylor: Are yu even an actual person?
Haris M I: Yes, I am human.
Haris M I: And being human, I am so glad to help you.
Josh Taylor: Forgive my doubt.
Haris M I: That's fine.
Haris M I: I appreciate your circumspection.
Haris M I: From the serial number provided, I see that the computer is out of warranty. Let me see what best can be done for you today.
Josh Taylor: My question is thus: is this a motherboard issue? If so, may I upgrade and still use my OEM windows?
Haris M I: Josh, could you please elaborate the issue?
Josh Taylor: I purchased a graphics card. It worked fine at first, then suddenly would not boot up with the system. If I restarted 5 to 7 times it may work.
Haris M I: I understand that you are experiencing boot and power issues after upgrading the video card.
Josh Taylor: I assumed it was a bad card and bought a new one, but the same thing happened.
Josh Taylor: Then I upgraded my power source. Still same issues.
Josh Taylor: I must assume it is a motherboard/slot problem.
Haris M I: That is so unfortunate. I'll definitely help you today.
Haris M I: May I know whether the computer boots to Windows now?
Josh Taylor: It boots fine. I removed the card and am using onboard graphics.
Josh Taylor: ...but that is not sufficient for my gaming.
Haris M I: Thank you for the information.
Haris M I: This seems to be a software and the hardware compatibility issue.
Josh Taylor: I doubt it highly. The first card was NVIDIA, the second ATI, and they both malfunctioned the same way.
Haris M I: Yes, you are correct!
Josh Taylor: So...you agree with me that you are wrong?
Haris M I: No.
Haris M I: Josh, I can understand the situation. However, this issue requires more technical assistance which is beyond my support limits.

Josh Taylor: Then explain yourself.
Haris M I: As we do not have enough resources to assist you, I suggest you contact our experts.

Josh Taylor: HOW???? Your company provides no information on how to do this.
Haris M I: Technical assistance on this issue is provided by our dedicated and advanced support team and they are a fee based team.

Josh Taylor: I should also mention that this conversation is being monitored for quality assurance and will be posted online.
Haris M I: Josh, please note that the expertise with Acer Technical support is limited to factory installed hardware.
Haris M I: Yes.
Haris M I: Yes.
Haris M I: And we does not recommend to upgrade.
Josh Taylor: LOL...you were never human.
Josh Taylor: You do not recommend I fix a problem?
Haris M I: Please accept my sincere apologies.
Haris M I: I will try again.
Haris M I: Please give me one more chance.
Josh Taylor: Prove your humanity. Name a favorite song.
Josh Taylor: Fine. Your favorite song by Nate Dogg, RIP. My main mofo just died, ya heard???
Haris M I: It is hotel California.
Josh Taylor: Eagles...cool.
Haris M I: Josh, first we will resolve the issue.
Haris M I: May I confirm that the issue happened only after upgrading the hardware?
Josh Taylor: Indeed.
Josh Taylor: I can build a system from scratch, but my Windows is OEM...so I must use ACER products ,correct?
Haris M I: Alright.
Haris M I: Josh, please note that Acer does not recommend altering the factory shipped hardware and operating system.

Haris M I: With your permission may I go ahead and transfer the chat to our specialist team "Pay for support". They would contact you and give more details on the charges and support boundaries.

Haris M I: Please provide your phone number and e-mail address so that I can transfer the chat.

Haris M I: They are the experts!
Haris M I: They will fix the issue.
Josh Taylor: I NEED a graphics card to play games...and I WILL NOT PAY.
Haris M I: I do understand that!.


JT out.

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