Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Bar reviews and a dire warning

I now have two new favorite bars in Columbia (where I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time lately). They are almost polar opposites, but anyone who knows me also knows that I don’t fit easily into any category (except possibly “dumbass,” which I fit into with extreme prejudice) so this shouldn’t be surprising.

The first is The Whig, which I have my friend Avril to thank for introducing me to. It’s hard to find, and I’m not giving out the location because that’s part of the charm. I’m struggling with a way to describe this place. Every term I come up with sounds pretentious (neo-bohemian) or lame (eclectic) or is a word I completely made up (flotarsonbalkish). So let me explain why these terms apply. Neo-bohemian is the first impression I received. Dark, kind of smoky, Miles Davis playing, a bit run down, but in a charming kind of way. I say eclectic, because the crowd ranged from a well dressed couple at the bar to me in my steel-toed boots and jeans. The music ranged from Miles Davis to the Ramones to DJ Shadow. The food was fantastic, and fairly inexpensive for the quality and variety. It’s not your typical bar food, which was a nice change of pace. Don’t get me wrong, I love deep-fried bits of animal with a side of ranch, but it can get old. I had the quail topped with andouille sausage, with a side of gouda macaroni and cheese, paired with an ice cold PBR (because I’m classy that way). The service was great, and the bartender was polite almost to a fault, which is rare in a bartender. Honestly, the next time I start the evening there, I believe I’ll end the evening there.

The second place is The Saloon, which I have my sister to thank for taking us to. The name pretty much speaks for itself. I spent the rest of the evening drinking PBR out of a mason jar (because I’m classy that way), and at one point my sister wound up clogging on the dance floor to an Alabama song. Nice and spacious, cheap, cold PBR, and country music blaring. Can’t ask for much more on a rowdy Friday night. Once again, the service was great. In addition to grabbing a drink at the bar, as the place got more crowded, one of the bartenders came out from behind the bar and started taking drink orders and clearing the empty mason jars from in front of me. I’m sure I’ll find my way back here again soon.

If anyone from these two fine establishments happens across these kind words and wants to sponsor my next visit (unlikely, I know), that would rock.

On another note, I know in my last post I explained how poorly I learn a lesson…I’m going camping again this weekend. If someone could place the McBee Fire Department and EMS on standby, that would be great. Just drive towards the fireworks.

I have heard The Whig was good. We got on the topic of conversation in my Poli Sci class when we were discussing....The Whigs, the political party.
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