Friday, February 24, 2006


How I Spent My Friday Afternoon

My friend Avril is going to a religious concert event tonight in Columbia, since her friend Aubrey is going to write an article about it. She told me that her friend Adrienne made her a WWAD shirt, which is to stand for “What Would Avril (or Adrienne, or Aubrey, or Anyone) Do? I decided that she needed to come up with a whole list of things it could stand for, so she could tell everyone that asked something different. Since we are both extremely dedicated employees for our respective organizations, we started the list:

Where was Andy's donkey?
Why won't Amy die?
Who was Anthony Dalton?
Western women are dope.
Winnie was a dyke. (This can apply to Pooh or Cooper of The Wonder Years)
Wham! Wham! Angry Dancers!

Where's Waldo's Always Dangerous
Who wakes angry demons?
Why would anyone drink? (HA!)
Watch Walt act dumb
Weird werewolves ate dinner
Wanna wear alligator dentures?

Wild women are dangerous
Walter wears artichoke dip
Where will Andrew dine?
Well, well, another dinosaur!
Whiskey, Women, and Donuts (my breakfast wish list)

Wah, wah Abbi drones
Why walk after dark?
Winos wink at dogs
Walls won't attack, dear.

Walt Whitman Angered Dragons

Woody Woodpecker alters danger
Wooly walruses allow dungeons
Word weary, Avril's done...

I couldn't write a more perfect ending...

Willie Wonka Appears Deranged
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