Monday, May 08, 2006


I don't care about the sunshine, yeah...

'Cause mama, mama I'm coming home...

That's right, boys and girls, I'm moving home to Lexington. I can't wait. In fact, I already started moving last weekend...which brings up an interesting story. Since I have one more week of work here in Greenville, I had set aside the proper amount of work clothes for the week (a few pairs of khakis, a few polo shirts, boxers, socks, eyeliner and black know, work attire.)

However, at some point, someone wound up grabbing those clothes and putting them in the truck (I'm looking at you here, Dad.) I found this out last night when I arrived back at home and started consolidating all of my belongings into one room so the house will show better (anyone want a house in Williamston?)

Let me review what my clothing options are this week:
  • One (1) pair of khakis that happened to be in my car
  • One (1) bright blue polo shirt, also in my car
  • One (1) pair of grey and bright orange swim trunks
  • One (1) Tshirt with an obscene drawing on it
  • One (1) Hawaiian shirt with cacti
  • Two (2) pairs of boxers
  • One (1) Duff Beer hat

    This is going to be fun...I'll keep you posted.

    Update #1 (Monday)
    I spilled the toner from the copier by my desk all over my pants. This spoils my theory of khakis being generic enough that no one would notice the pants being worn over and over again. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on responses should someone call me out on wearing the same clothes repeatedly, leave them in my comments section.

    Update #2 (Tuesday) one noticed. This says one of two things. Either everyone hates me, or I'm spending so much time sitting at my desk cruising the internet and doing crossword puzzles that no one has actually seen me long enough to notice. Or, I'm invisible.

    Update #3 (Wednesday)
    Well, no one noticed today either. Actually, I should say no one said anything to me. I noticed a few sideways glances and strange looks, but I was hoping for a direct challenge. So many people contributed ideas for how to handle it, it seems a shame. Oh well. On to moving to Columbia and a better job. Peace out, Greenville.

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