Thursday, June 08, 2006


The Fever

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, and am too lazy to look back and see, but on my last night in Greenville, someone stole my hubcaps. I honestly did not realize that anyone did that anymore. Especially when said hubcaps were cheap plastic ones. It was odd, really.

The reason I bring this up is that I went to get new hubcaps today. Do I need to tell you how tempting it was to get some sort of light-up spinners? However, better judgment took hold, and I wound up going with traditional looking hubcaps. No spinners, lights, skulls, or anything else. Just round shiny things to cover the actual black, brake-dust-stained rims. It’s scary, really. I’m starting to make more responsible decisions every day. For instance, on Monday I was at home in bed before 10. Seriously. Tuesday night, I went to see J’Ouvert play again and only had 3 beers the entire night, even when Avril called me names. (She’s an enabler!) Then, last night, the night when any Budweiser product is $1 at Uncle Louie’s, I helped my friend Ashley prepare the pontoon for her maiden voyage. (I’ll write about the maiden voyage soon). Then, once again, home and in bed before 10. My plans for tonight? Cutting the grass and doing laundry. Could someone call the doctor or come drive me to the emergency room? I think I’m coming down with a bad case of adultitis.

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