Monday, June 26, 2006



SNEU stands for Spork Nation European Union, apparently. This makes me sound much more important than I actually am, and I love it. Apparently I have reached a level of readership that warrants my very own watchdog group. The newly formed SNEU is in existence to make sure that I am fact-checking my posts and not contradicting myself. What confuses me the most is that the SNEU apparently thinks I am a responsible journalist that cares. Especially considering that the head of the SNEU has know me for my entire life. Also, he lives in Italy. I have been informed that the SNEU currently has 3 members. I know that Compton is one, I assume his wife Rebekah is another, but the third member remains a mystery as of press time. I suspect a diabolical super-villain. This is nice, because now I have an arch-nemesis, which my life has been missing.

Does having an arch-nemesis mean I get a costume?

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