Tuesday, July 18, 2006


That’s a hot an’ a spicy…pickle?!?!

I know I’ve mentioned my divorce being final recently. What I have yet to talk about is the party that took place a couple of Saturdays ago to celebrate my newly acquired single status. We cooked a half hog on the grill, boiled 6 pounds of peanuts, and drank so much beer that brewery workers across the US got a raise.

I had a great turnout, the pig turned out well, and the fire burned brightly, even if it went out fairly quickly, as fires are apt to do when the main ingredient is gasoline. Lato and I also ran out of gas on the four-wheeler in the woods in the dark, and had to hike back to the house using our cell phones as flash lights.

But what I really want to talk about is the most unexpected aspect of the party – the gifts that people brought. I wasn’t expecting any, and the thought had not crossed my mind that anyone would bring any. I received:
  • a Cuban cigar (which I’m saving for a special occasion)
  • a Piggly Wiggly shirt (for those of you not from South Carolina, it’s a grocery store) that says “I’m Big on the Pig!” on the back
  • 2 lottery tickets that won me $15, but that I lost before I redeemed them
  • A box of chewing gum
  • and finally, a giant “hot and spicy” pickle, which I finally got the courage to eat a few days later.

    A few people also brought bottles of Boone’s Farm “wine” which we proceeded to pass around and cannonball. Did I mention that my friends rock out loud? Although I do seem to remember someone (I think it was Aubrey) trying to get me to eat the pickle that night while I was drinking. Holy bad hangover ideas, Batman!

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