Friday, August 25, 2006


Hell in a handbasket.

I don’t know if anyone has been listening to the radio much lately, but what the hell has happened to music? Actually, let me rephrase that. I know there are some phenomenal bands out there. Unfortunately, these are not the ones receiving airtime. The mainstream music industry has gone to hell. There is very little distinction that I can hear anymore between “pop,” “rock,” “rap,” or “country.” They all sound almost exactly alike. The only difference is that one is slightly heavier on bass, one is slightly heavier on twang, and one is slightly heavier on guitar.

I say we round up all the Nickelbacks, Shania Twains, Nellys, and their clones and ship them to China. Oh – and all the emo bands too. My favorite bumpersticker I’ve seen recently said “I wish my grass was emo, so it would cut itself.” Amen.

Also, it used to be that if a song had too many lyrics that couldn’t be broadcast, it wouldn’t be played on the radio. Who is the damn genius who decided that we should now play these songs, but replace the naughty words with silence, or worse, with sound effects like breaking glass or records scratching? We should also send him to China. Or her, I don’t mean to be sexist. I just figure that women are too smart to do something like that.

Enough of this tirade, I’m going to the beach to drink some beer. Enjoy your weekend, I’ll return sunburnt and hungover on Monday!

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