Thursday, August 17, 2006


Lizards in an Office!

I know that I repeatedly say that I won’t write about work. However, this isn’t about work, so much as the physical space that my workplace occupies. We seem to have an infestation of lizards. More specifically, of a lizard that I believe is known as a blue-tailed skink. I could be making this up, I’m not one for research.

However, this is not about my circumvention of research (which was good enough to bluff me through two AP classes in high school and four years of college.) This is about…Lizards in an Office! If a movie can be called Snakes on a Plane!, then a blog post can be called Lizards in an Office!. Just think of me as the Samuel L. Jackson of the blogging world. My wallet is the one that says “Bad Muthafucka” on it.

Awesome. Two paragraphs in, and I’ve successfully written about exactly nothing. I started out about a lizard infestation and then moved on to Pulp Fiction references. Sadly, this is not unusual. It’s just how my brain works. Welcome to my life.

Back to the lizard infestation…no one is sure where they came from, and we’re debating what to do with them. Most people want to catch them and just let them go outside. One lady wants to throw her shoe at them. I, on the other hand, want to get an aquarium and make them office mascots. I should also mention that by “infestation,” I mean “two lizards.” I’ve named them Steve and Earl.

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