Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The "G" Word

I’m probably jinxing myself by writing this, but life is pretty good right now. I like my job, have a new car, a new girlfriend who rocks out loud, and am moving into my new place soon. I guess I should mention that, since moving back to Columbia in May, I’ve been attempting to live out of my old bedroom at my parents’ house. While it has helped me save money (I’m still paying the mortgage on my house in Williamston that hasn’t sold) it has become increasingly difficult to remain both sane and sober.

Imagine taking all of your possessions that had been scattered throughout 1600 square feet of space and condensing them to 144 square feet of space. A lot of my belongings are in storage, but I still have plenty of boxes lining the walls that I get to rummage through regularly. It’s fun. Now, just for kicks, add in the fact that this is the first time I have lived with my parents since 1997. In fact, it’s the first time I’ve lived within 130 miles of them since 1997. I went from face time twice a month to face time several hours every single day.

Don’t get me wrong, my folks are great people, and I truly appreciate them letting me move back in for a while. It’s just that we have different ways of doing things, and different schedules, and we’re all set in our ways. Not to mention that my dad and I are incredibly stubborn when it comes to each other. We are polar opposites in personality, politics, priorities, and several other words that begin with “p.”

So…back to the original intent of this post, which was going to be bragging about how awesome the new female is. She actually gets along with all of my friends and my family. Well, all of the friends she has met, at least. I don’t see any problems with any of the others, though. They’re all fairly easygoing people.

She’s actually the first girl I’ve gone out with since I moved back that I had any interest in going out with a second time…which turned into a third time, which led to us spending every day except for Wednesday together last week, and planning two weekend trips together already. We had both been verbally dancing around the exact terminology of what we considered our relationship, until she slipped up Saturday night and referred to herself as my girlfriend. I gazed at her in mock horror and exclaimed, “You used the ‘g’ word!” Her response? “Oh…balls.” (“Balls” is her favorite expletive, which I find completely adorable.) We then both broke down into laughter, since the term really fits her, and for some idiotic reason we had both been hesitant to use it. So, to condense an extremely long, rambling post into a point (finally)…I have a new girlfriend. And she rocks…balls.

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