Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Seasonal Friends

You know what I love? Football season…in case you haven’t guessed yet. In addition to the actual game, there is the tailgating. The joy of making a Bloody Mary at 9:30 AM, and not feeling remotely guilty about it, the making of new friends with those parked next to you, the drunkenly teaching a five year old how to do the Icky Shuffle (from back when the Bengals were good) while his mother watches and laughs…these are but a few of the joys of tailgating.

One of my favorite parts, however, is catching up with all of my friends that I haven’t seen since last season. There are five or six of us who only see each other between September 1st and the end of November. I’m not sure why, to be honest. We get along great, and were all friends in our days at Clemson, we just don’t make an effort to get together the other nine months of the year. Sure, we could just arrive in each other’s driveway easily, but we would prefer to lug a cooler full of beer halfway across campus in blistering heat while wearing a heavy wool sweater. Okay, I made up the part about the sweater, but it was meant to further illustrate that we are not smart men.

So, despite Clemson’s lackluster performance against Boston College this past weekend, I will still be in Clemson for every home game, arriving early in the morning, mixing up a Bloody Mary, and preparing for all manner of shenanigans, tomfoolery and hijinks. So, to all my football season friends, here’s to cannonballs, PBR, and the Icky Shuffle. See you boys in 2 weeks.

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