Monday, October 16, 2006


B.J. Tennessee Damnit, III

The girlfriend and I went out of town to a wedding on Edisto Island. It was a former coworker of hers getting married, and the girlfriend was officiating and playing the violin. So, really, aside from the bride and groom, she was the wedding. Despite this, she still chose to let me accompany her.

Any weekend that involves earning a new nickname is bound to be a pretty good one…or an extremely bad one. In most cases, a new nickname means a good weekend. The sign of a truly great weekend is earning a nickname like B.J. Tennessee Damnit, III. I think it is the most impressive one I’ve earned to date.

Before anyone gets any bright ideas, I would like to point out that “B.J.” stands for “Big Josh,” because there were two of us staying at the house in Edisto with the same name, and I was the bigger of the two…because the other one was six years old, not because I’m a hulking giant. I won’t clear up the rest of the nickname, because I prefer to let people interpret it as they will, except for the B.J. part. Also, I don’t remember where “Damnit” came from.

The groom was British, and his two brothers (who, oddly enough, were also British) were there as well. I had never before seen a Brit drink Coronas, but that was all that Joe (the youngest brother) drank all weekend. It kind of blew my mind. The rest of us drank whatever was closest at hand, and plenty of it. Also, one of the brothers is a chef back in Britain, and he cooked for us all weekend. The food was exceptional, the beer was cold, and the people were friendly. I was also put in charge of making sure that the photographer’s glass was never empty, a task which I took to with glee. It was easily one of the better weddings I’ve ever been to, except for the part where the girlfriend had a nasty head cold and couldn’t hang out that much.

It was also my first time meeting any of her friends. She has met plenty of mine, but we all live fairly close together, and a lot of us make the trip to Clemson for every home game as well. I think I made a good impression on her friends, and I know that I enjoyed meeting them. Hopefully I fooled them into thinking that I’m a good person, and will get to see them again soon.

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