Thursday, November 09, 2006


Late Breaking News

My loyal readers (Kyle) informed me that the reason they haven't been commenting was that the comments section wasn't working. I've fixed it, so feel free to comment to your little heart's desire...or don't, whatever makes you happiest.

Also, I have the clap.

Your profile pic is brilliant.

Thanks for fixing the comments. I had been commenting all along, Scout's Honor.
You're a good man, CDP.

I'll have to tell the story beind that pic sometime. It had all the major elements - romance, tragedy, and an ambulance crash.
having the clap is not so bad. it could be worse you could have scurvy. i mean i'd rather have sex and get a disease than not have vitamin C and get a disease.
Man's gotta point.
Behold the wisdom of stank kenny.
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