Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Turkey N' Tailgate Recap

Well, my 3rd Annual Turkey N' Tailgate was this past Saturday, and I must say it was a rousing success. Despite the fact that every single person who had agreed to bring side dishes pulled a no-show, or chose to bring something else other than what they had agreed to, we had a blast. I think Kyle named it best when he named it the turkeybreadandpie extravaganza, because that was what we had. 29 pounds of turkey, 2 bags of rolls, a loaf of bread, 4 pies, 3 bottles of wine, countless cases of beer, and crockpots of a spiked apple cider. Also, Brett and Jennie B brought ice.

We ate all of the turkey, every single last scrap of it. I even brought out the mayonnaise so that we could make turkey sandwiches. Not the traditional Thanksgiving dinner that I was shooting for, but sometimes things just kind of work out. Especially when you have friends that rock as hard as mine do. Their amps go all the way to 11, they rock so hard.

We watched football, drank beer, fried turkey, drank beer, made the cider (and we modified the recipe so it was good), drank beer, gave the girlfriend's dog a mohawk with hair gel, drank beer, got 2 trucks stuck in my yard, drank beer, and then, just for good measure, we decided to drink some beer.

I'd like to thank everyone who came out, with or without sides, for making this a success. Especially Shawn's wife, Katie, who just had jaw surgery and had her jaw wired shut. She watched as we consumed mass quantities of booze and turkey, unable to partake herself. She assured me that it was okay, she had an Ensure before she came over. What a trooper. Truly, she embodies the very spirit of Beermas, which begins on the night of the Turkey N' Tailgate every year. It runs until New Year's Day, or whenever I decide to take down the beer tree. Here are pictures of the tree, the stockings hung by the chimney with care, and me acting as Beer Geisha.

Note that I am rocking a CDP shirt as Beer Geisha. Next month is CDP sweeps month - go check him out, and have yourself a merry little Beermas.

Wow, you really do love PBR. For a second, I was thinking this was some sort of Spork Nation gimmick or something, but no. You're the real deal. Kudos.

Thanks for the Sweeps Month plug. It should be good.
I'm so proud. For anyone who cares, the dog still has the mohawk... and looks like she belongs to Keith Richards.
Yeah, CDP, I'm the real deal when it comes to PBR. I've been swilling PBR since right around 1997. Wow...mine and PBR's 10 year anniversary is coming up...I'll have to get her something special.

Also, the vast majority of the decorations in my house are PBR memorabilia.
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