Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Circus of Dreams

I went to the circus on Sunday. I have to say it was disappointing. Even drinking beforehand didn't make it better. Of course, I think I was still slightly hung over from Saturday night, and quite possibly from Friday night. I just don't have the lightning fast recovery time I did in college.

What I recalled as a majesty of lights, sounds, acrobatics, and exotic animals turned out to be a mediocrity of lights, annoying characters, snail-slow acrobatics and animals that looked like they would rather be doing anything else right now. Don't get me wrong, there were definitely some high points. The best part was the stunt where seven guys (or girls, I don't mean to be sexist - it's hard to tell with helmets on) ride motorcycles around inside a steel mesh globe. I love that. In fact, I would pay full ticket price to watch that for two hours. There was also a lady who trained dogs, cats and birds, which I found much more interesting than the tigers, who looked like they were just a few seconds shy of snapping and killing everyone, and the elephants, who looked sad and pathetic.

Maybe I've grown older and cynical, and maybe it was just an off night for the performers, but I think it will be a while before I go to another circus.

Wow...that was a bit depressing. I started out intending to make it slightly humorous, but it just didn't come out that way. The motorcycle thing did rock, however. I think I'm going to try to talk Kyle into constructing one of those in our backyard when we get a house. Vroom Vroom!

That's the problem with those poor elephants. They are very intelligent animals that know exactly what's going on around them. They understand captivity, get depressed and freak out. This is why they always make a break for it and trample a few dozen people before getting killed by some douchbag with a tranq gun.

In short, elephants shouldn't be in a circus. They should be left the hell alone.

On the bright side, I saw a contortionist at the last circus I attended, and that was better than a million elephants combined.
The more I see these types of acts, the more I feel the same way about most of the animals. I felt horrible for the tigers as well, they're such majestic creatures (even if they continue to disappoint me in football) and you could tell they were pissed off.

The act with the domesticated dogs, cats, and birds was pretty cool. The animals seemed to enjoy the act and the attention, and it was more entertaining because of that.

Imagine if they put a contortionist suspended in the middle of the steel globe of death while 7 motorcyles zoomed around him. That would be the best act ever.
Third tier wrestling at the Township....thats where you put your money....have those drinks before hand and pay a little extra for the close will forget all about tricycles and spheres....

ps...if you build it they will come.
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