Thursday, February 08, 2007


All I Wanna Do is Zoom-a-Zoom-Zoom-Zoom...

...and A-Boom-Boom!

Just wanted to update everyone on the job hunt situation. First off, thank you to everyone who is sending leads my way. That saves me from doing any actual work and frees up my time to play video games, drink beer, and cause general debauchery and mayhem. In fact, it’s now almost 3:00 AM, and do you know what I’m doing? Three strippers at the same time! No, in all actuality, I’m online filling out job application after job application. My eyes are burning and my brain is going numb from filling out endless questionnaires. I’ve started applying for crazy jobs just for kicks. I just got done filling out an intensive survey for a mid-level manager at Chuck E. Cheese. Why? To relieve my sanity.

But lest you start thinking it’s all glamorous “filling out online applications” and jet-setting “painstakingly rereading each cover letter,” let me assure you, it’s not. I’m still involved in the everyday drudgery of going to happy hour, wasting my time playing video games, and hanging out with my dogs (black labs, not to be confused with the slang term for friends. I’m not that hip. Also I have no friends, other than Skippy The Wonder Squirrel, my imaginary friend.) And, as always, I find time to take my horse tranqs and murder hobos, although I’m running out of places to hide the bodies.

I’m going to sleep now, leave me something upbeat and humorous in the comments section, or mail me cash. Either way.

***Update: I have 3 interviews lined up for Friday. Two I'm extremely excited about, one is meh, but the pay is pretty good. Think happy thoughts for me tomorrow at 9:00, noon, and 2:30 EST!

***Update 2: Of the 3 interviews I had on Friday, I've been asked back for follow-ups on two of them. I also have a new interview scheduled for Wednesday. Damn, it feel good to be a gangsta.

I've given up on those on-line job applications - no one ever responds. I've decided they are some kind of elaborate psychological experiment. At some point in the near furture, I should be receiving the "Dance, Monkey, Dance Award" for my participation. of the interviews I had today was terrible, I don't think I would take the job if they offered it to me.
Well, wait till you have to apply for a job you've already been doing for two years....
That would suck.
How goes the J.O.B.'s?
Got an offer today, not sure if I'll take it, I have 2 more offers I'm expecting this week.
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