Monday, February 19, 2007


Weekend Recap, or: I think I permanently damaged my liver.

The last time I posted, I mentioned that I was getting ready to begin a four-day bender. At the time, that was a joke. Now it is a memory, or lack thereof. As all benders do, it started off with an evening of Mexican food and bowling. It was Anna's birthday, and we were celebrating my new job, so we may have started out a bit too quickly. It also didn't help much that the waiter did not understand a word of English, and was terribly forgetful. Or he maybe just hated us, I have no idea. We went from having zero pitchers of beer on our table to having four pitchers of beer on the table all at once. I just noticed that I made it sound like Anna and I were drinking alone. This was not the case, there were eight of us involved.

From there we went bowling, which is always fun when more beer is involved, and then to the Smokehouse to drink more beers. What they don't mention on their website is the awesome bar, the great live music, and the fact that I drink for next to nothing because I know the owners.

I couldn't seem to shake my headache on Friday, so I decided that more beer was in order to fix it. Needless to say, I am a creature of habit, and wound up at Goatfeathers. The most interesting part of the night, however, came when I met a guy who looked exactly like Willie Nelson. Or he did at that point in the evening, at least. He was also wearing a Ruger jacket, which is the make of my revolver, so I thought that ruled also.

Saturday night was the last house party at Kyle's house before he and I buy our house together, and I was feeling like a jackass, so I took fishsticks to put on the grill. The scariest part is that they didn't get brown or develop grill marks, they just got hot. It was kind of disgusting.

Last, but not least, The Nuggets, the band that somehow Brett and Shawn convinced me to sing for, performed the only original song we've written to date, entitled Mexican Sweater. We need more practice, and I suspect they need a new lead singer, since I'm not actually know for my vocal stylings. Apparently our next "gig" is at the last house party at my house in two weeks.

I know this was poorly written and jumped from subject to subject, but I felt the need to post today, and am brain dead from all of the training materials I had to go over on my first day at work.

Let me know how everyone else's weekend was in the comments section.

JT out.

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