Saturday, February 24, 2007


What I did last night...

What happens when rednecks get ahold of liquor, diesel fuel, and a pile of wood? Nothing intelligent, that's what. Sorry for the poor video quality, they were taken with my phone.

I'm glad people still know how to have fun these days. keep up the good work. Remember, any day you don't inadvertantly cause your own death is a good one in my opinion.
So, this is how you take it easy the night before building a deck? I'm guessing you had to get rid of the old deck first.
I've avoided these incidents ever since I accidentally dropped a can of OFF! into a bonfire. Good work.
Looking roward to more of the same tonight, except I'm taking a real camera for better quality footage.
I wish I knew what to say....generally I do, but this time I do NOT......I wish I knew what to say!
Just let the fire do the talking

What are you burning anyway? We used to get a similar effect with non-dairy creamer. Yeah! Stick that in your coffee and drink it!
The burn pile was just regular wood, but the secret ingredient was diesel fuel, and a generous helping of Crown Royal.
I knew that stuff had to be good for something.
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