Monday, April 30, 2007


Ask...and ye shall receive

Here it is. This was a painful experience, and I can't get the taste of cinnamon out of the back of my throat. I've decided to make this a monthly, possibly weekly feature. Let me know what you all think.

JT out.

Can't get the vid to work at the office; I'll check it out at home tonight.

I told you that cinnamon was a killer!
It was terrible. I still have cinnamon-fresh breath this morning, despite drinking several beers last night afterwards and brushing my teeth.

The worst part? I hate cinnamon.
oh good lord.
Good Lord JT, I never want to be responsible for anything like that again. I'm willing to bet if it wasn't for the PBR you never would have kept that down. You RAWK.
Yeah, I had my doubts about whether I would keep it down when I first started, but I made it.

Don't worry, man, it was actually kind of fun letting y'all come up with ideas.

I plan on doing something similar in the near future.
For your next endeavor how about a new twist on a science fair favorite: Eat/swallow a tablespoon of baking soda, followed quickly by a shot of vinegar--the human volcano, if you will. I'm not sure on the ratio of baking soda to vinegar, but we can check that out.
human volcano!
At the risk of turning this into Jackass: The Blog, I kind of like the human volcano idea.

Perhaps this can be part of our festivities Friday night, Kslice.
That, my friend, is one hell of an accent.

That looked absolutely horrible, but much respect for seeing it through. Putting a bunch of vinegar in your mouth, however...good luck with all that.

If you want to start slowly, put a bunch of Mentos in your mouth, and wash them down with some Diet Coke.
Thanks, CDP. YOu should hear my accent when I get drunk. It's magnified by about 5000.

As for the mentos thing, I feel it's been a bit overdone. I'm going to go old-skool human volcano instead.
Deal. You can't beat Old-Skool.
I am crying....that was great..I am proud to be your second cousin...

I also have a great idea....I will be attempting to digitize "Huntin' Bo!" and get it up on the Compton watch out Spork-o-philes
That would be ridiculously awesome.
Those are some good hands you have there. I like your fingernails.

What a creepy comment.
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