Monday, April 30, 2007


It's on.

Well, the results are in...and by results, I mean I decided which stunt I would do. I'm going to carbomb a shot of cinnamon in a PBR. I'll try to get to it tonight and have my roommate film it, so check in tomorrow.

Other than that, I know I still need to deliver on the promised video home tour with Tom Selleck. Maybe we'll do that tonight as well while we're drinking.

I just got back from the semi-annual reunion trip that all of my Clemson buddies make, and I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in it. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time, and consumed mass quantities of beer and liqour. However, it's obvious that we're all slowing down a bit as we get older. There are no truly crazy stories to tell, the nudity was minimal, nothing was set on fire, and the worst run in with authority we had was being asked to leave the hot tub by a security guard because the pool area was closed for the night. Oh well, maybe we'll do better at the reunion weekend this summer.

In the meantime, enjoy these bright shiny new pictures of me, my roommate, our guns, and the wedding-ring crucifix that was left in our house by the couple that previously occupied it. It just goes to cement the domestic life partner status we've been going for.

In this one, we're going for a tough-guy-turned-domestic-life-partner type of pose. I'm not sure we pulled it off. Kyle looks surprised as hell, and I look drunk (which I wasn't...yet.)

This one is one of my favorites, although I don't have near enough strength in my arm to fire my .44 one handed without it recoiling and breaking my nose.

More realistic, slightly less badass.

And, of course, the "stunt shooting" portion of the evening. I should probably mention that the guns were not loaded during any part of this photoshoot. That would have been incredibly stupid, even for me.

We're going to have one or more of them framed and hung over the fireplace, so feel free to add your input in the comments section.

JT out.

Nice .44 I've been looking around for a long barrel revolver myself. I've never owned a weapon before and with three small children I'll have to get a locker at the range. So for all the alarmists out there, I'm not into the whole intruder home protection thing. I shoot for fun.
I also shoot for fun. At home intruders.

Honestly, I've never pointed a gun at anyone, and I hope I never have to.
One time I pulled my gun...oh, that kind of gun. Sorry.
Good photos I see a box on Andes Mints on the counter?


Oh, and you have to check out Hot Fuzz. This just reminded me to tell you.
Holy crap, now I just noticed the CDP Magnets on your fridge. Absolutely cosmic.

I fired a shotgun two times in my life, at the age of 13. Never again; my arms still hurt.
You, sir, are correct. Both a box of Andes mints and CDP magnets on the fridge.
Livin' the high life.
JT, quick recommendation; practice the habit of keeping your finger off the trigger until the barrel is pointed in a safe direction and you're ready to fire. Nice revolver, though!

I've seen an eight year old kid handle a .44 like that--yes, mag, not special. The bullet hit the intended target about the same time the pistol hit the kid's forehead--no harm done, thankfully.
Bubba - I typically do. For picture purposes, since it was not loaded, I kept my finger on thr trigger.
I vote for the first picture.....must go bigger than 8x10 though
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