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I know I’ve been slack, but I’ve moved into the new house and don’t have the internet turned on yet, and I hesitate to spend too much time writing posts at work. However, I’ve decided that I have to update, so here goes nothing. We’ll start with a post about the new house, I’ll try to get to the new girlfriend and the new second job soon.

Kyle and I finally closed on the house and started moving in on March 26th. Yes, we started moving on a Monday. Imagine our surprise when, upon unlocking the front door, we found the house filthy (and keep in mind that we’re two young single guys, so our housekeeping skills are minimum at best. The house was filthy.) In addition, the yard is a wreck, and there are random pieces of furniture left in the house.

However, with a little bit of elbow grease, and a hefty dose of degreaser to clean up the elbow grease, I think we can make this house a home. A home where we can settle down and start living the American Dream (not Dusty Rhodes, the other one…you know, with 1.5 kids, a minivan, and PTA meetings.) Yes, Kyle and I are now cohabitating as domestic life partners.

Actually, we’re just roommates. Roommates on a mission to save the world from the Ultimate Evil. I’m getting carried away again. It’s probably from a lack of sleep. The point is, pretty soon this house is going to be looking a lot better. The kitchen, after several afternoons’ worth of work, is actually sanitary enough to cook and eat in. I think the next area we’ll tackle is the living room/game room area. That’s right – game room. We decided that two single guys don’t need a dining room, especially since there is room for a decent sized table in the kitchen, so we’re making it into a game room, complete with dry bar, beer pong table, beer fridge, and scantily clad lingerie models. I’m also lobbying for a fog machine.

My bedroom will be the biggest challenge. It’s highly unorganized at the moment, because my clean and dirty laundry got mixed up during the move, meaning I have to rewash everything I own, plus my box springs collapsed on me after the move. Actually, I suppose the proper preposition would be below. They collapsed below me. While I wish I could claim that this was due to some crazy monkey sex on my part, I believe that age was at least 25% of the problem, since I’ve had the same box springs since my sophomore year of college in 1998, and they have endured at least 7 moves since then. A faulty bed frame probably contributed another 25% of the problem, since they weren’t getting adequate support in the middle, which means that crazy monkey sex* was only half of the equation. Once the laundry is done and my bed is restored to more than just a mattress on the floor, I’ll feel much better. Especially considering Kyle’s room is well organized, complete with a functioning bed frame and box springs, while mine looks like a crack addict has established squatter’s rights there.

More to come on the new house, complete with full-color photography, and a short documentary narrated by none other than Tom Selleck**

Sorry it’s been so long, leave me comments to let me know you’re all still around.

JT out.

Oh yeah - and be sure to check out an interview with one of my favorite bloggers, the CDP. Good stuff.

*Let’s see what types of hits I get after mentioning crazy monkey sex this many times, shall we? Crazy monkey sex.

**Blatant lie.

Nice post; I'm looking forward to before/after photos.

"However, with a little bit of elbow grease, and a hefty dose of degreaser to clean up the elbow grease..."

This sentence is the definition of humor. Learn it, understand it and use it to take over the world.

Dusty Rhodes was on Wrestlemania 23 on Sunday. It was pretty sweet.
Yeah, I saw him get inducted into the Hall of Fame. Pretty sweet. Along with Mr. Perfect, one of my favorite wrestlers.
Nobody can kick out of the Perfect-Plex.....nobody.
I don't know about that, I bet Tom Selleck could. Or if he couldn't I bet Burt Reynolds would run into the ring and help him out of his jam.
If there is a man alive that could kick out of the Perfect-Plex, it's Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris kicked out of the Perfect-Plex with no legs.
You packed and moved your dirty laundry. That is awesome.
What's even more awesome, you ask?

I packed and moved dirty dishes because the new house has a dishwasher and my old one didn't.

I'm hardcore.
you're right. that IS more awesomer. It's now a word, I used it in a sentence)
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