Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Why You Should Never Assume I Won't Do Something

My friend Kev mailed me a check for some tshirts we are going to have made for our upcoming reunion weekend. It turns out I no longer need the check, so I told him I would rip it up and eat it. His response?

I'll pay him cash money when I see him on Sunday........so eat it freak.

I decided to do him one better. I ripped it up and drank it in a glass of PBR.

The check:

The pieces:

The check in the beer:



All gone:

I'm not a smart man.

JT out.

I'm not buying it...where are the pics of you actually drinking it. You could have poured it in the toilet.

Now we are going to need stool samples...and someone to follow you around with a baggie. Volunteers? I vote for Kyle.
good point there compton. i thought this was beautiful when i first read it, but now i realize its full of bull.
Damn it all, I actually did it. I have better ways to waste time than concocting a bogus photo blog.

However, since my honor is being called into question, give me some other stupid stunt to pull off and document.
well, well, well, a challenge. I'll bet if it involves PBR in any shape or form it WILL be done.
Yeah, hold off on the challenges. I'm going to put a post up so that we can have an entire comment section devoted to stunts. I may let my readers (read: you, Compton, CDP, Kyle, Stank Kenny, and Hathery) vote on it.
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