Friday, May 25, 2007



I was going to write about some odd dreams I've had this past week. I always sleep fitfully at best when I'm staying in a hotel room, so that combined with the fact that I fell asleep watching Adult Swim almost every night probably had a lot to do with my dreams being bizarre. The main problem I'm having is piecing together what I remember of the dreams into something that makes sense, or at least a vague storyline. Otherwise I'll wind up sounding like William Faulkner, and no one wants that.

Instead of trying to make sense out of something so nonsensical (like understanding why people choose to speak French,) I will just describe the flashes of dreams I recall. If anyone wants to analyze them, feel free, but don't be too disturbed when you figure out how messed up my head is.

  • I was staying in a mountain cabin with my parents and extended family. My maternal grandmother, who I have never seen take a drink of alcohol in my life, proceeded to get smashed off of my Uncle Keith's homemade wine, and started chasing me around with a knife, throwing pies at me. I ran outside, and was suddenly at a truckstop, and hitched a ride with someone to get me the hell out of there.

  • Kyle, Melissa (the new/old was getting old typing that out all the damn time) and I were at a USC football game (USC is Clemson's biggest football rival.) Kyle and Melissa kept trying to get me to wear a USC shirt, and I didn't want to. It felt like betrayal, or being French. I threw the shirt down on the ground, and when Kyle picked it up, it was a USC football jersey. He handed it back to me, I once again refused to wear it, and threw it down again. When he picked it up for a second time, it was a wedding dress. Then an angry guy started chasing us for being in his seats, and the bleachers did that Scooby-Doo staircase thing where they collapsed and turned into a slide, dumping us out on the field. We crashed into the marching band, which made everyone angry, and we had to run for it.

  • Melissa and I were staying at my paternal grandmother's house, but parts of it were blocked off for some unknown reason. My ex-wife's brother and his wife came to live with us, and took up residence in the kitchen.

  • My dogs were gigantic (or I was tiny, not sure which) and I couldn't get them to understand that jumping on me hurt really bad.

  • That's about it, but here are a couple of pics of the dogs, I just realized I've never posted any.

    This is Mason. He weighs about 108 lbs, and is a big sweetheart and scaredy-cat.

    This ia Marley. She weighs about 35 pounds and is hyper as hell. If she doesn't like you, she will kill you.

    Coming up soon: pictures from our first house party, and updates on the new J-O-B. Have a great long weekend, kids.

    JT out.

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    I finally fixed the link. I got tired of looking at you in your kitchen and not having any new blogs. And just for future reference: 'is' is spelled with an 's' not an 'a', as in "This is Marley." not "This ia Marley." Yeah I know. I'm an asshole. But I'm good looking!
    And you have a fantastic ass.
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