Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Summer approaches...

After spending a weekend at the beach, pretending it was warm and swimming in frigid waters, I'm definitely itching for summertime. Long days spent on the lake, tooling around on Ashley's pontoon and sipping on ice-cold PBRs. It's especially bad because it's rather cool and windy out today. Despite the fact that I want to drive around with my windows down and the sunroof open, the weather is not cooperating.

Other than that, life is pretty quiet around here. Everything is great with the new/old girlfriend, no more death-defying stunts as of yet, and I'm spending most of my nights working at the Village Idiot these days. I truly didn't have much to write, but felt guilty for not updating in a while.

JT out.

...what's the village idiot?
The pub where I spend most of my nightime hours, either working or drinking.
Great name. Nothing like tellin' it like it is.

There should be more places like that.

The Drink and Fight Pub

Meat Market

18+ girls, 25+guys (FL only)

Sticky Floor Saloon

Warm Bottle Bar

Never Make Contact With Anything in the Bathroom Bar
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