Monday, July 09, 2007



I know I've been terrible about actually updating regularly for the past few weeks. I have many, many half-written articles, but nothing I'm completely happy with.

I'll post something minty-fresh tomorrow, I promise.

Until then, check this out. Compton and I grew up together, to the point where I don't think we knocked on the doors of each other's houses before walking in.

In several of the photos and news clipppings he scanned, you can see some of the buildings of the family farm I grew up on, and one of the peach orchards. Of course, now the highway is four lanes, the buildings are gone, and the peach trees were pushed up years ago when I didn't take over the farm...

JT out.

double word dude....What ever happened to Blade?

I have a Spork Nation Request. Since you live near home, do this.

Next time you out Taylor Cove way, flip through the family photos and see if you can find the crazy picture of Uncle Tom (no, not THE Uncle Tom....really...its our uncle's name....well, JT's second cousin...maybe? It's all very confusing. More commonly known as Uncle Tommy, AKA double T.)

Anyhoo, find the best photo. I'm talking short shorts and trucker cap. Then post it at the Nation.

Then I will do the same for Uncle David.

Blade died last summer, actually.

As for the pic, done, done and done.
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