Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Why I Love My Job

Because where else can you, in the span of 8 hours:

  • Break up a chick fight
    Two girls were standing in the serving area, right in front of where one of the waitresses needed to be. Hilary politely asked them to move three times, which they took offense to. I broke it up and kicked them both out. Who knew it would be more difficult to kick girls out than guys?

  • Have a drunk girl sit on your lap so she can "help" you check IDs
    She didn't actually help, it was way more of a hindrance. Also, since I know Melissa will read this: she was immediately shoved off of my lap.

  • See a delivery driver go ballistic and throw a trash can at his own car
    It was awesome...simply awesome.

  • Watch two girls who claim to be sisters kiss
    Disturbing...or hot? You decide.

  • See a server throw a tray across the bar in anger
    Drew had a really bad night. First, a table walked out without paying, leaving him to cover a $35.00 bill. Second, he was tipped $2.00 on a $68.oo bill. Not due to poor service on his part, so much as it being a table full of fraternity douchebags and sorority girls. Then, to top it all off, as he was carrying a tray full of empty beer bottles to the trash can, two frat boys who were being general dicks and playfully shoving each other ran into him, causing about twelve beer bottles to shatter. He threw the empty tray. The frat boys ran for it.

  • Watch a drunk girl dance on the bar while the owner of the bar sprays her with water from behind the bar
    It was the first time anyone had danced on the bar since it was redone. Here is how our conversation behind the bar went:

    Brian, the owner: Can I spray her with water?

    JT: Bri, you own the bar. You can do whatever the fuck you want.

    Brian: Oh yeah (giggles like a schoolgirl and starts spraying)

    We all expected the girl to get down. She didn't. She kept dancing, so he kept spraying.

  • Have your boss look you square in the eye and say "Josh, I can barely see straight, and I'm getting ready to take an Irish Car's going to be a long night."
    Indeed, it was.

    Nowhere but at the Village Idiot, that's where! For an added bonus, three of the four items talking about drunk girls? They involved the same girl. See if you can guess which ones!

    I seriously believe this job is hazardous to my health, but for now I'm just seeing what happens next. There's never a dull moment, that's for least not on dollar beer night.

    Make your guesses about the drunk girls in the comments section!

    JT out.

  • Comments:
    That's it, I'm coming down there.
    WHile you're more than welcome, keep in mind that I only write about the interesting bits.

    For instance, what did I do last night? I taught Melissa how to make chicken salad and then we watched Last Comic Standing which is a terrible show, but she loves it.
    You know you've found someone special when you can tolerate watching an awful show with them.

    I was in bed last night by 9pm. No fooling.
    no guesses, but where are the pics?!?!
    No pics...a camera phone jusy couldn't do it justice.
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