Friday, September 07, 2007


FSU Fans Wear Jean Shorts

Well, as we all know, football season is upon us! I was lucky enough to attend Clemson's season opener against FSU. I saw the greatest tshirt ever, which read "FSU Fans Wear Jean Shorts." It was a thing of beauty.

My friend Aaron was kind enough to let Melissa and I crash at his house, which is just a short drive from Clemson. Aaron and I go back a few years and always have a good time drinking together...make that a great time drinking together. He was with me when I drunkenly taught several grade school kids how to do the Icky Shuffle last year. Aaron had "princess hats" left in his car from a kickball party,and it seemed silly not to put them on in his driveway. We quickly donned them in preparation for a night of drinking.

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I was an angry princess!

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Melissa looked stunning as usual, even in a goofy princess hat. Damn it all, I'm a lucky guy!

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With our host, drinking beers and being princesses! We wore these for a couple of hours while drinking in his driveway.

We decided that it would be a fairly tame night, as we planned to be out and about tailgating by 10AM (for an 8PM game...we're not smart people!) As luck would have it, we wound up going to a baseball game, drinking too much beer, then going out to meet Aaron's new girlfriend at the bar where she works. We didn't get to bed until about 3 AM.

Still, we were up and moving fairly early, arriving in Clemson before noon. My favorite white boy, Epat, was in town, and we had some catching up to do. He was smashed and it was 11:00 AM. It was crunch time. What did we do? We broke out the Boone's farm and cannonballed like there was no tomorrow. Did I mention that we're not smart people?

Five bottles empty, and it's not quite noon...we cannonballed through another 5 or 6 bottles before kickoff...not to mention the beer, Jagermesiter, and other assorted beverages.

The rest of the day was spent catching up with people I haven't seen since last football season, and introducing everyone to Melissa. She was a hit, but I knew she would be. She's amazing, and I'm a lucky guy.

Suddenly, it was game time.

The release of billions upon kazillions of balloons at the beginning of the game. Harmful to the environment? Perhaps? Still kicked ass and almost brought a tear to my eye? You bet.

Right before the game!

I don't know how many of you caught the game, but the first half was amazing. We could do no wrong. The third half was a bit of a train wreck, with FSU coming back to within 6 points. Luckily our defense decided to show back up and put an end to that! And so, Clemson wins another Bowden Bowl, and starts the season with an AP poll ranking of 25. I'll take it.

I wish there was more to write, but the afternoon was just full of bullshitting and drinking, no really crazy stories. There's always next week...

Until next time, enjoy the weekend, and Go Tigers!

Oh yeah...I turn 28 this weekend. Suckage. I'm getting old.

JT out.

Clemson gets three halves of football?
Damnit. Third quarter.
That shot of the stadium is great. I was at the Packer game on Sunday, and I know exactly how you feel. There's just something about a massive live atmosphere that makes you all squishy with emotion.

The Ickey Shuffle. We need videotape of that.

Also, send along a Village Idiot T-shirt with my moonshine. Size small. (I'm half-kidding.)
Look at them sandals. You're looking more & more like Jesus did everyday.

Except for the purple princess hat. I think that's a Ben Tanner touch, whoever he is. ;^)
Nice bangs.
BTW, have a happy birthday!
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