Monday, October 29, 2007


86 Colorado

Some people wear throwback jerseys. Some people wear throwback kicks. I use throwback images. Animated .gifs, mofo. I'm keepin' it real. I stay street. Look at you posers usin' flash animation, and javascipt. Shit. I was animating images when you bitches was gnawing on teething rings, ya heard?

Red Sox sweep, baby!

Clean sweep, bitches.

A pitching phenomenon. Batting? Yeah, we had that too. Oh, defense? Word. I should explain. Yes, I live in South Carolina. Yes, I grew up here. Do I have any ties to Boston? Only indirectly. Why do I love the Red Sox so much? Well, to be honest, it started out in 2004. I had traditionally been a Cincinnati Reds fan. I still am. I still will fight you tooth and nail over why Pete Rose deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame. I hate Bud Selig.

When the Sox began the American League Championship Series against the Yankees, I was pulling for them, but not with much hope. Like many people outside of New York City, one of my favorite baseball teams is whoever happens to be playing the Yankees. Not only that, but the devil-may-care attitude, the beards, the long hair, I loved it.

Finally, a band of misfits would defeat the pin-striped, uptight Yankees. Screw you Steinbrenner. This is our time. I don't give a damn how much you can pay your players. Of course, Johnny Damon had to go and ruin the image in the off-season by cutting his hair, shaving his beard, and signing with the Yanks. Hey Damon - how does it feel to be not only a sell-out, but a loser also? Even A-Rod may bail on this sorry team. As of tonight, he has opted out of his renewal.

All of this being said, I apologize for the lack of updates. I was operating under superstition. As long as I did not update, the Red Sox would keep winning. Kind of like how Brian would not allow anyone, not even his wife, behind the bar tonight. The one time anyone else was back there, the Rockies hit a home run.

Tomorrow, when I have had some sleep, I will update with a barrage of funny comments I have heard in the bar over the past week...but for now...

JT out.

Not only that, but the devil-may-care attitude, the beards, the long hair, I loved it.

Oh man! I didn't get to read your update before I commented on the CDP. Scary brother, Scary!

That first vid is a riot. The gratuitous Chuck Norris pictures are the best.
Wow...that's just downright eerie.

Let's see if you're a real Sox fan:

"Ground ball to Buckner."
Allowed Knight to score, the Mets forced a seventh game, and went on to win the 86 World Series.
JT- wrong answer

The correct answer is:

"#%%^ing $uckner!"
Let's be fair, though, Blu; he was only 7 at the time, and he's only been rooting for them since 2004. But JT, you do need to summon up the same outrage for this as for when someone says "how 'bout them Yankees?"
I really wish Johnny Damon would have stayed with Boston. What a wiener.
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