Friday, October 05, 2007


Peeber Update (finally)

First: We found out that Peeber is a girl. Her name is now Peeber Anne, which is a solid Southern girl's name. She only gets the full name action when she's being bad, which is 943% of the time (no, I didn't forget to put a decimal there, I mean 943.)

I know everyone (especially Bubba and the CDP) has been asking about Peeber for a few weeks. Unfortunately, I am slack and kept forgetting to take my camera over to Melissa's house so I could get pictures. Then it turns out that Peeber is really, really difficult to photograph. Everytime I would point the camera, Peeber would instantly move. It didn't matter how long a certain position had been held prior to the shutter opening, it was instantaneous action. So, after taking approximately 948 shots, I wound up with three that aren't blurry or of the top of a cat's head. Next time I'm giving Peeber some kind of sleeping pills before the photoshoot, or I may just set up some kind of motion-sensor camera and leave it running for nine days. That should generate at least seven or eight good shots.

This is one of Peeber's favorite activities, next to attacking your feet in the middle of the night when you need to use the restroom, or first thing in the morning when you're rushing to get out the door for work. Peeber likes to hang on the edge of the bed. This enables her to determine if we are awake or not. If we are awake, she will usually stare at us for a bit and then hop down. If we are asleep, she will climb on up and start licking my face and purring loudly in order to wake me up. This causes me to try to pet her, and then she bites my finger until I am wide awake. Then, when I am wide awake, she snuggles down on my chest to sleep while I lay there awake. In all seriousness, she does this and hangs there for several minutes at a time, and I think it's adorable.

She really, really likes to gnaw on my fingers. I think it has a lot to do with me working in the kitchen at the Village Idiot. I can never quite seem to get the smell of flour, garlic, and pepperoni off of my hands.

So, as you all can see, she is growing up to be a very pretty cat with a really long and fluffy tail. We think she's mostly Maine Coon, based on appearance and her exceptionally quick learning (she's already reading on a 10th grade level, and is fluent in Italian, which is a shame since neither Melissa or I speak it.) As much as I hate to admit it, being a predominantly dog guy, I do love this bad little kitten.

Enjoy your weekend!

JT out.

Well done, JT. My family gets good cat pictures by putting the cat on the lap of one of my kids. Plus, ours is a little bigger, so he tends to stay in one place a little longer than 'lil Peeber.
...this is, of course, justification to buy an SLR camera.
While cleaning out my cats litter box today, I was reminded of all the times I played with cat poo in the SandBox when I was younger.
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