Friday, October 12, 2007


Red Handed

I don't often post anything political. Not because I don't care, simply because politics is one of those somewhat taboo subjects that easily offends people. If anyone is offended by this artwork...well...I don't apologize, because I feel strongly about the current administration and this sums it up.

I just ask you to keep an open mind. This is my little corner of the interweb, feel free to express yourself in yours. Keep it real. If it's donkey shows or sea monkeys that gets your gears grinding, have problems. Anyway. Ben over at Killer SandBox Productions, who you may remember from the ketchup commercial, has an artwork site up. Go check it out. Even if you don't necessarily agree with his viewpoint, he is a talented artist in several mediums, and at least he cares enough to have an opinion.

Enjoy the weekend, kids. I have most of it off, so I'm due for some much-needed rest and betting on football.

JT out.

Ben has this painting hanging in his apartment (along with many other awesome pieces), and I get envious everytime I see it. I've been offering to buy it off of him for awhile now, but I'll settle for a print come Christmas time.

I don't think he realizes that if he pitched this to a gallery or auction, he'd make enough money to pretty much pay off anything that needs paying off.
Yes...he is sitting on a gold mine. More power to him.
Such "caring" is properly called "slander," inasmuch as all the efforts of the Kos/MoveOn crowd have yet to uncover any evidence of W's complicity in those attacks.

There are very real arguments against White House policies. Please feel free to make them. Remember, though, that those who make such accusations without evidence say a whole lot more about themselves than they do their intended target.

It also should be noted that one can be sued, or even jailed, for slanders. It's not a good habit to get into.
I'm a Blue State Conservative. If I lived in TX I might be considered a Red State Liberal.

In my humble opinion, Extreme (right or left) media is absolutely no good for anyone. The reality is opinions become polarized, the waters muddied, and any reasonable discussion on the topic becomes impossible.
Bottom line: It's an amazing work of art. My boy can paint like a mo-fo.
That was my point. I'm very much split on a lot of major issues. However, the fact that Ben cares enough to paint something...well, maybe I'm jaded.

I work in a bar where 20-something frat boys spend their daddy's money with reckless abandon. Anyone (be it liberal or conservative) with an opinion is a breath of fresh air to me.
...they have an opinion that spending daddy's money for beer is a good thing; do you just mean that it's a political opinion that's valid?
This is why I stopped writing political essays 3 years ago.

JT thanks for the post.

I just wanted the painting to get people to start talking and asking questions.
I think you accomplished your goal, and I still stand by what I said:

At least he cares enough to have an opinion.
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