Monday, November 19, 2007


CDP Nationwide Mix Tape Review

A few months ago, I agreed to take part in the CDP Nationwide Mix Tape Trade. We all swapped tapes (CDs, actually) and most of us also sent a copy to the CDP, out of our gratitude for him being awesome. He agreed to review them and post the reviews, then the reviewing got shelved while he finished up his book, 65 Poor Life Decisions. It releases on November 30, and is an excellent stocking stuffer, as it also has GPS and MP3 capabilities built in*.

I put together my mix, sent it off, and waited like a giddy little schoolgirl for his review. Well, over the weekend, it finally happened. It was recommended that he wait until the weekend, as this mix is best enjoyed with a few cheap beers. He chose to go with Jameson, but the sentiment is somewhat similar.

Without further ado...the review of Beer Drinkin', Hell Raisin'.

Front Cover

Inside Cover/Track Lisitng

Coming up soon, the results of my gentleman's wager with BluStaCon, a loyal reader, and another edition of that thing where I type stuff I heard at the bar. Please help me out with a better title for that.

JT out.

*No, it does not.

Hey, thanks for the link! I really did like the mix; I was aware of very few tracks before I listened to the whole thing, which made it cooler than if I was already sick of them. It's a perfect soundtrack to drinking away a Saturday evening in South Carolina, from what I can gather.

I'd call your bar posts "Idiot Whispers." Or, is that too gay sounding?
I'd say it's on the right track, but not quite there yet.
"The Idiot Speaks"
I like it. So far, you're in the lead.
Sweet! I always run better in clean air.
Damn. Now I have to find some clothes in Boston College colors

This was a good bet, because had I lost, I would have been doing the exact same thing.
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