Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!

This is what happened at my house last night. It's a yearly tradition with Kyle to get completely shit-hammered on Thanksgiving eve, and we are sticklers for tradition, especially when booze is involved. I am proud to report that, after numerous games of beer pong and Street Fighter II Turbo, there are only 2 beers left in our beer fridge, eight in the regular fridge, and an empty bottle of Everclear is in the kitchen, which no one is claiming responsibility for.


JT out.

SFII pwns all, for realz.
...on a dead serious note:

I found out from my mom this thanksgiving that several people in my family are alcoholics. Scared the shit out of me, given my recent virtually-every-night drinking.

You in the clear in that regard?
I am. Trust me, I would probably be dead otherwise, working in a bar and selling wine by day.

All joking aside, it runs in my family as well, so I make sure to keep myself in check. If I feel that I've been hitting it too hard, I'll take a detox week.

Thanks for the concern, though.
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