Wednesday, November 14, 2007



The City of Columbia has already started hanging the Christmas decorations from lightpoles downtown. All of the major "big box" stores have had Christmas decorations out for weeks, some since the day after Halloween. I'm hearing carols and Mannheim Steamroller in stores already.

Did everyone forget about Thanksgiving, the third best holiday of the year? (Behind St. Patrick's Day, and Halloween, respectively.) Thanksgiving is the day with the best food, and some of the best football. It is a day where no one has to worry about giving or receiving disappointing gifts, or listening to the most annoying music ever created on the planet earth, perhaps even the solar system: anything by Mannheim Steamroller or the Trans-Siberian Orchestra...also, John Tesh.

Thanksgiving is a day for celebration, for eating twice your body weight in assorted foods, for drinking too much beer while watching football, for passing out face down in the guacamole. Christmas is a day for spending too much time wearing goofy sweaters that were given as gifts last year, pretending you love the new sweater you just got (I personally am not a sweater type of guy,) and trying desperately to think of an excuse to leave and go back to your own house, where you can remove the sweater, drink too much beer while watching football, and pass out face down in the guacamole.

How is it possible that I am already sick of a holiday that is over a month away?

JT out.

I was seeing Christmas gear before Halloween!! I couldn't believe it. I got back by throwing up in one of the displays and not telling anyone.

My personal favorite is the way stores cram every square inch of space with red, white, and green decorations. Fake snow and Santa Claus as far as the eye can see. Then they wish you a happy holiday instead of a Merry Christmas because they don't want to offend anyone.
I'm proud of you, buddy.

I agree also on the "Happy Holidays" point. While not religious by any means, someone telling me "Merry Christmas," "Happy Hannukah," "Happy Kwanzaa," or anything else does not offend me. I see it as them wishing me well. How could that possibly be offensive, unless I had a death wish?
Oh, you're just grouchy because you get all of the commercialism and none of the snow. :^)

I love Christmas, but I'm with you 100% on "Mannheim Dampfpfalzer" and the commercial end of it.
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