Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Happy End of Prohibition!

December 5, 1933 officially ended Prohibition here in the United States. In celebration, I would like to unveil our new Beer Pong table. I'll put up a post later about the construction and opening night of play.

Freshly completed

In action

JT out.

You're a talented individual.
Some would say obsessed.
I instantly realized that Wisconsin and South Carolina aren't really all that different.
Nope, just the accents.
you know, a little 3/8 half round would cap that off nicely.
I meant 5/8
Sweet Jeebus, you could be my long-lost brother. That's actually the final step that I just haven't gotten to yet.
Wow. Cosmic!
One big difference is that at this point in Wisconsin, you don't play beer pong outside with light beer 'cause it'll freeze. :^)

Bet all you Southerners are jealous of us in the "Great White North," eh?
The DIY brothers. I like it. I'd never ask you for help with joint compound though.

If some asks you to help plaster their sheet rock, a socially acceptable response is to kick them in the groin. Hard.
Man...if I lived in Wisconsin, I wouldn't even go outside at this point. I'm not so good with the cold.
We don't really go outside; our ocular jelly freezes over our eyes and we go blind for a few minutes.

I'm seriously not kidding.
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