Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Pong On!

Yes, I know I said no updates this week. However, BluStaCon made me feel guilty, and I found myself with a few hours on my hands between day job and night job, so I decided to finish up the post on the construction of the Beer Pong Table.

Kyle and I had been threatening to build one of these for a while, and with the Annual Turkey Fry close at hand, we decided to go for it. The basic materials are simple. Two sawbucks and a piece of plywood (we used 3/4 inch for added sturdiness.)

Not content with that, we decided to go the extra mile. My buddy Lato is a graphic artist and supplied us with a large PBR logo. We decided to cut it out and use polyurethane to coat it and the table for added protection. But first things first. Join me for a photo essay as I walk you through the basic steps we took.

First, we stained the plywood (we actually put three coats on, but I thought just one picture would do the trick,) so it would look more classy. Remember: when you're playing Beer Pong, you need to stay classy.

Classy like Kyle staining his pits...

...and Mason.

Then we had to measure for the triangles where you place the beer cups.

Then, I had to act like a jackass. I'm a giant eight year old, I swear.

After careful measuring, it was time to draw the triangles onto the board. We opted for a ten-cup triangle, because more is always better.

Once drawn, it was time to spray them white. Note the use of items from our recycling bin. Thrifty, and somewhat environmentally friendly (probably not really.)

Finally, it was time for the placement of the giant PBR logo, and three coats of polyurethane. Not too shabby, huh?

Kyle and I played, and won, as a team in the inaugural match. It was my only win of the night. So far, everything is holding up well. Our friend Neil came by last night and we played a match.

Initially, I was going to post the rules and regulations of Beer Pong, but Wikipedia did such a good job with it, I'm not going to bother. We do have a few house rules that differ slightly, but I'll fill y'all in on them when you drop by to play.

JT out.

I'm not a beer pong afficionado, but I half wonder if your table would hold up better if you braced the bottom with a pair of 2x2s to keep it from warping. Maybe 2x4s, even.

I saw the Wiki article, too (I had to look up what beer pong was), and was incredulous to read that Anheuser-Busch recommended water for "beer" pong.

Of course, as a former beer drinker, I can vouch for the fact that A-B makes a lot of "beer" that is ....darned close to water, so maybe it was an honest mistake on their part. :^)
Again, nice job JT! I think that half round will finish it off nicely.
I....think I have something in my eye...
I like the bracing idea, Bubba. Thanks.
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