Monday, December 31, 2007


Too good to resist...

Also, I stole this from Compton.

This was a pleasant surprise. I normally despise Chritsmas music, but it's hard not to like this one...

Happy New Year's, kids. I hope that the holiday season, regardless of what you celebrate, has been a good one for all of you. Thanks for sticking around. I'll try not to disappoint in 2008.

Coming tomorrow? Maybe some resolutions. Definitely a hangover. Perhaps pictures.

Be safe tonight, have a good time, and pull for the Clemson Tigers as they face off against Auburn!

JT out.

The video is no longer available.

Happy New Year
That was an AWESOME game last night*. Sorry it ended the way it did, I really thought Clemson had a chance. If I didn't see you on TV last night it was someone who looked EXACTLY like you. Orange shirt, backwards hat, black stickies under the eyes, and praying with all his might at about the 1:50 mark in the fourth quarter. doppelganger?

*won 50 bucks

not really

Wasn't me, I was watching from home, as my travel budget has been limited by upcoming weddings.
Also, video fixed.
please have your videos spayed or neutered.
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