Friday, December 07, 2007



This just in...Spork Nation is getting more traffic than ever, mostly thanks to my interview with theCDP. Not to toot my own horn (I do that in the privacy of my bedroom, thankyouverymuch,) but I must have done a bang-up job on the interview, because it has been quoted and linked to by two different sites, and the Wisconsin Star ripped a quote straight from the interview, although yours truly got no credit.

Instead of putting the links up here, I'm going to send some more traffic to theCDP as a thank you. You can find the two site links and a scan of the newspaper article here.

JT out.

Awesome. This worked out very well for the both of us, much like I thought it would.
Cool. Step 3 completed in your 243 step plan for world domination.

Step 4: Find my pants.
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