Thursday, January 17, 2008



As of Monday, I have finished ironing out all of the details of my new job. What new job? Oh, the one I have been all hush hush about and trying desperately not to mention anything about for the past two weeks because I was so damn excited and didn't want to jinx myself and have to buy Pam a Coke.

I'm still slinging wine, but I'm now also slinging beer and liquor. My new wine portfolio is okay, with plenty of room for growth and improvement, which I think is on the way soon. My beer portfolio is smokin'. These are some of the best craft brews, micro brews, and high gravity beers I've ever had...and I drink a lot. A lot. I am now repping my favorite high gravity beer.

I hated to leave my old company, because my boss was, beyond awesome. I'll sincerely miss working with him and absorbing his knowledge. I truly hope that we can work together in some capacity in the future. All of my coworkers were fantastic, and I hope we can remain friends when we're not duking it out in grimy back alleys for product placements. Just a warning, I'm not afraid to scratch and bite. I fight dirty.

I'm now on board with a very small startup company. We're scrappy and headstrong with a wealth of knowledge spread across the board, and I feel like I somehow lucked into getting in on the ground floor of something that will be really, really big. My new boss is a veritable fount of beer knowledge, and he's counting on me for wine input. I hope I can measure up. If so...corner office with windows and wet bar, here I come. If not...well, I still work at the Village Idiot.

Wish me well, I'm still nervous as hell.*

JT out.

*That wasn't meant to just did.

Wouldn't he be a veritable tap of beer knowledge?

Congratulations on your expanded venue. I remeber you hinting a something like this a few weeks ago. Good Luck!

Thanks, buddy. Hell, you may be familiar with our flagship beers - The Heavy Seas beers - Loose Cannon IPA, Uber Pils, etc.
I'll look for them. My beer snobbery standards have gone seriously downhill the last few years. I usually go for the new Guinness draft bottle, but last night, looks around, I drank Bud Light, from a can. I just don't drink that much anymore. I will always love beer, but I'm not in love with it anymore. Sad isn't it?
You sound very excited and confident about this. I know you're going to be an important contributor. Best!

Now, back to the Packers.
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