Monday, January 21, 2008


The Idiot Speaks

Sorry, once again, short on material. Starting the new day job, I have cut back on my nighttime hours to concentrate for now. This next week should be back to normal, I'm working 4 nights.

At approximately 10:00 last night, a random guy walked up to the kitchen window.

Random Guy: Hey man, I want to throw a party for some of my frat brothers. Is there any way to open a $300 tab and do that?
JT: Sure, you'll need to talk to the owner. When were you thinking?
Random Guy: In about a half hour.
JT: Tonight?
Random Guy: Yeah.
JT: Really?
Random Guy: Yeah, why?
JT: Well...usually we plan things like this out...I don't know...days in advance. Also, we close in two hours.
Random Guy: Really? Is there any way we could pay extra and you stay open?
JT: You do realize that you're talking to a guy working in the kitchen and not an actual manager or owner, right?
Random Guy: But do you think there's any chance?
JT: No.

What was also funny...he had around 50 guys on a $300 tab. They had maxed it out within an hour. And, as always with frat parties, I got to kick plenty of jackasses out.

I know I have mentioned it before, but a lot of USC's offensive line frequents the bar. I have made friends with many of them, because it seems silly to make a 400 pound gorilla an enemy. Especially when they've been drinking.

Last night, one guy in particular got really belligerent. I had kicked him out once, and was on my way across the bar to make him leave again. I could tell that this had the potential to end badly, because he saw me coming and didn't try to hide or leave. Suddenly, he seemed to have a change of heart. His eyes got big, and he apologized before I even said anything. Why the sudden mood swing? As I turned around, I saw about 5 offensive linemen stacked up behind me, ready to back me up. Damn. I thought I had perfected the crazy eyes or something.

Sorry for the short updates, I promise to get back to soon as my life does. Have a great week, and for more regular updates and quality material, check out a few of the links on my sidebar.

JT out.

My limited math tells me that $300 wouldn't get 50 people very far. Were they sharing beers?
No, and I felt bad for the guys who were drinking cheap beer to try and make the tab last, while other jackasses were ordering shots left and right.
do the gamecock linemen know you're a tiger?
I know that most of them do.

At the end of the night, I think it's more about who's handing them beer than football allegiances...except for one weekend per year.
I think that I drained a $300 by myself one night.
One wonders if the frat boys know about a little concept called "paying for your own drinks." You've brilliantly illustrated part of the moral hazard of socialism, BTW. You don't pay the tab yourself, and go figure you're drinking like a horse just out of the desert.

(sorry to drag seriousness into here, but it was just such low-hanging fruit there....)
CDP - Join the club, buddy.

Bubba - I could not agree more.
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