Monday, January 07, 2008


The Idiot Speaks...Gladiators Edition!

First off, two quick announcements:

1. In an effort to bring consistency to Spork Nation, The Idiot Speaks is going to become a regular Monday feature. I'd like to thank the CDP for this suggestion.

2. I have worked almost 30 hours this weekend at the Village Idiot, on top of the hours I worked last week at both the Idiot and my day job. If this post seems disjointed and somewhat scatterbrained, probably is. I'm abso-fucking-lutely exhausted.

Now, on down to business. Since the last post was on Thursday, I don't have a lot of new material. Luckily, American Gladiators premiered tonight. We were all incredibly excited about this, to the point where we turned off all other sporting events, even those that we had money riding on, to turn every TV in the place to Gladiators.

We had planned on having a minute of complete silence at 8:59 in preparation, but lost track of time. We did, however, create a new shot especially for tonight. Well, Chris did, but I got to make the final approval. It's a combination of Rumplemintze, Gran Marinier, and some sort of blackberry vodka. It packs a punch, much like it's namesake.

In fact, we've decided to start having "Gladiator Sundays" at the bar. Depending on which side wins (red or blue,) there will be different drink specials and food specials. I think it will be awesome.

What can I say? The show was everything I had hoped for, and more. Two final thoughts, and I'm going to bed.

1. Wolf is by far the biggest badass on the show. Brian and I are going to try to buy shirts immediately if they are available.

2. Crush is smoking hot.

Goodnight, kids. Sorry for the short, poorly written post, but I'm about to pass out on my keyboard.

Let me know any thoughts on the new Gladiators in the comments section.

JT out.

what was the name of the shot?
Did I miss it somewhere?

SpiderMonkey Rules!
Oh...we cleverly named it "The Gladiator."
Awesome, although I must remind you that American Gladiators will be on Mondays at 8pm Eastern from now on. I hope you didn't miss it last night!
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