Monday, March 03, 2008


The Idiot Speaks

Low on material this week, I only put in about 10 hours at The Idiot last week. In addition to that, the Cap'n is gone, and I haven't spent much time working with Brian, Drew or E-Rock. I'd say that those three account for a lot of my material.

However, since I put it out there that I was going to be more consistent, I'll post what I have.

Bri: Is this for here or to go?
Eric: Nah, it's delivery.
Bri: That may qualify as the dumbest thing I've hear all day.

Random Drunk Guy: Yeah, I'll have a house bourbon and coke, and a house Beam and coke.
Bri:, do you want two house bourbon and cokes?
Random Drunk Guy: No, dude, one house bourbon and coke, and one house Beam and coke.
Bri: There is no such thing as house Beam. We have house bourbon, and we have Jim Beam.
Random Drunk Guy: Whatever, man, just make my drinks.

Aside from that, the dollar Carib night Friday went very well, we sold out around midnight.

Well, sorry for the short post, but it's something. Have a great Monday, and come on back Wednesday for more new material and naked pictures of Billy Ray Cyrus.

JT out.

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