Friday, March 07, 2008



I meant to have my latest stunt recorded, edited and ready to post today. Instead, I had a nice dinner last night, designed flyers for an upcoming beer special at the Idiot, and went to bed.

However, when I stumbled over to the CDP all bleary-eyed and half awake (it's not even 6:30 AM. I neverget up this early.,) I found something truly worth linking to. I think that most of us have been through something like this in our lives. Go take a gander, take a minute to say hello, and come back Monday for a new edition of The Idiot Speaks.

Have a great weekend, kids.

JT out.

Thanks much for the link. I hate getting all whiny and personal, but every once in awhile is probably good for everyone, especially if it's resonant.

Have a good weekend, man!
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