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Jilly Bean

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This is CRAZY!!!!!!

Did you know that recently, according to several reliable news sources, Fox News included, the ghost of Chester A. Arthur appeared before hundreds in a Des Moines, Iowa Huddle House, to proclaim that Democrats hate children and freedom? He also spoke out against gay marriage, citing several Bible verses.

It's true. A lot of people have forgotten, but at the Democratic National Convention in 1994, it was found that they were eating a stew made from orphans while singing songs by John Lennon, who we all know once proclaimed that the Beatles were responsible for crucifying Jesus.

So I say, support our children, our freedom, and our colors that don't run by voting straight party Republican in every election, every time, even if that Republican is deceased or a sex offender, or both.

Fun Facts!

Jell-o was invented by a British scientist, who was actually attempting to recreate cold fusion (whatever THAT is!!!!). What a delicious, low-calorie mistake!!! HAHA :)

23% of all people think that toilet paper is made from the skin of weasels! (EWWWW!!! ReaLLy?)

Famed Musician Herb Albert got his start as a mime in a traveling circus.

The Smurfs were originally supposed to be red and angry, but a mistake in the coloring process and the speed at which the voices were recorded accidentally created the little blue creatures we came to love as children! The lost pilot episodes actually feature Papa Smurf dropping the "f-bomb" on Brainy for being a know-it-all! Look it up on YouTube!

How Weird!

In Nebraska, it is illegal for a man to bathe in the same bathtub that was previously used by a woman, unless it is blessed by an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi first.

A law on the books in South Carolina states that moonshine is illegal unless it is cherry-flavored and sealed in an old coffee tin.

Voters in Flint, Michigan, once accidentally elected a tamed shrew to Congress due to a typo and mass illiteracy!

March 3rd was declared "Funky Pants Day" Arizona in 1921. People not observing the holiday are subject to stiff fines, and in some cases, arrest.

1 out of every 19 mirrors produces an actually image of you, not a reflection! (I know this is true because my cousin's mom's ex-fiancee's stepson works in a hotel, and he went from room to room and found THREE in his hotel.)

If you don't send this to twenty people that have made you giggle in the last month, then God will smite you with syphilis and make your fingernails turn black, like one of those creepy goth kids who worship Satan and have unprotected sex all the time.

Also, if you don't forward this, it means that you hate Jesus and want all of our brave troops to turn into dress-wearing queers. WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA?

JT out.

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