Friday, March 14, 2008


Random Friday

Oke-le-dokely, kids. It's Friday, and I think we all know what that means - free shrimp at Captain D's! Actually, that means I'm going to throw together a post full of random links, YouTube videos, and Danny Devito nipple-slip pictures and pass it off as original content! Hooray!

First off, Ben over at Killer Sandbox Productions has a pitch entered in Avid's "Perfect Pitch" contest. I think it sounds promising, he just needs the votes to get it turned into an actual production. Head on over, check it out, and vote.

Also, I've been meaning to welcome Caveman to my Axis of Allies list in the sidebar. Go check him out, I'll wait here. Caveman, make with the funny.

Looking to waste time at work? Well, you better not, damnit all. Working hard is what made this country great! People who waste valuable work hours and un-American, fascist pig-dogs! Still, I stumbled across this new blog the other day, and it has some great links to flash games and is pretty interesting.

Want to be kind of freaked out, but not really, and you're embarrassed that you're being such a little cry-baby bitch? Check this out. Be sure to watch the video. (Thanks to Ben over at Killer Sandbox Productions for that one)

Final link, this is my product endorsement of the week.

In the spirit of basketball season, and how much I hate Duke...

***Due to language, this video is NSFW.***

Gamecock Fan? Yeah, so was Hitler. Look how well that turned out.

Last, but not least, the Hitler Rap. Offensive? Maybe. Hilarious? Yup.

Damn. I just noticed that all three videos feature Hitler. Does that make me anti-Semitic? Because I'm not...I just have a sick sense of humor. Enjoy the weekend, kids. I'll be back Monday with a bright, shiny new edition of The Idiot Speaks and possibly some pictures of the general debauchery from the St. Patrick's Day Festival this weekend.

JT out.

Thanks for the link. Hitler is hilarious.
Caveman, make with the funny.
Why start now?
If you have one of your own funny interview stories you can join ICT's "Funniest Interview Video Contest" and you may win a Grand Prize of $1,000
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