Monday, April 21, 2008


JT Out.

It's done. Last night was my last night at the Village Idiot as an employee. It was a weird night. We were really, really slow until about 10:30, when all of a sudden we had a brief rush. It was over quickly enough, and then Bri and I lit up the cigars he had brought in for my final night. I can honestly say that I'm going to miss working there, and not just for the discounts. I may go back in a few weeks, but I'm doubting I will. My day job just has me too busy, which is a good problem to have as a salesman in a start-up company.

Does this mean the end of The Idiot Speaks? Probably not, it just means I'll have a chance to sit up at the bar as a customer, overhear more drunken conversations, and probably contribute to a few as well.

JT out.

Good luck JT. I hope you enjoy your free-time!
Thanks, Blu. I am so far!
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