Friday, May 02, 2008


The Great American Milk Chug

I'm sure everyone has heard thhe urban legend that states that it is impossible for a human to drink an entire gallon of milk in an hour. In the interest of sciens, and being a pair of jackasses, my friend Heimlich and I decided to test the theory. Here are the results:

Please don't try this at home, kids. I'm a dumbass, with years of experience at such.

Enjoy the weekend.

JT out.

First of all, that is disgusting.
Second of all, that is awesome. Kudos.
Warped.....sure hope that Heimlich doesn't have lactose intolerance, or else things could get messy.

Hey, did you see this? I figured this might be right up your alley, or perfect for"site.",2933,354137,00.html
I loved this. It had everything I normally look for in a YouTube clip. I plan on linking it on the CDP sometime this week.

Kudos, and for god's sake, don't try that again.
This was amazing. I watched it twice, and then I threw up from watching you guys throw up. Not kidding.

I'm thirsty for more.
Bravo gents. And to think, it took you this long in life to actually try this. What did I do to you as a child?

Next time invite this one:
Glad everyone has enjoyed this.
Bubba, thanks for the fox link. That is awesome.
CDP, thanks for the link.
Compton, thanks for twisting me as a child.
Kenny, thanks for the sympathy puke. It means a lot.
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