Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I Knew I Liked This Guy...

Far be it from me to assume that Spork Nation endorsing one candidate or another carries any weight in this election, but I have to throw my hat into the ring with Barack Obama.

He has run an extremely positive campaign, which is a breath of fresh air these days. Not only that, but I dismiss the talk of his lack of experience compared to Hilary Clinton. Let's look at in in a different light: Dick Cheney has plenty of experience. How is that going for us? George W. Bush? Still a fair amount of experience, and I think we are all too aware of how poorly our economy and world image have suffered in the past eight years.

Maybe we need a new perspective instead of the status quo.

Also, there's this.

My kind of guy.

JT out.

Agreed. There's something happening with this guy, and it feels good.
He has my vote.
Speaking of PBR, did you see this JT?
I don't think the link copied right.
Just google PBR Coffin.
Are we actually to believe that the guy who talks about the cost of aragula at Whole Foods, and refused to eat a cheese steak while in Philly, is going to touch PBR except when his campaign staff tells him to drink one?

Please, JT.

And his "positive" campaign? Please. Try "content-free," as in "he doesn't want the public looking at his record." (the most liberal of all 100 Senators....)

Don't get me wrong; I don't really like ANY of the candidates, but let's not honor Obama for what is more or less a clear act of fraud.
Trust me, Bubba. I don't believe for a minute he keeps PBR in his refrigerator at home. I just thought that the article fit nicely on Spork Nation.
There's nothing like seeing uptight politicians drinking. In the essence of equal opportunity, check this out:
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