Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Practice What You Preach

This is for all of you kids out there, rocking your Phish t-shirts and environmental protection bumper stickers. I see a lot of you tossing your cigarette butts out of the window of your car. Maybe I'm confused, because I don't smoke that much pot, but isn't that littering? You know, the opposite of saving Mother Earth? Perhaps you're unaware, but it is estimated that cigarette butts take up to eleven years to decompose. Not exactly bio-friendly. And don't feed me the excuse about them smelling up your car. Between the smoking that takes place in your car (of both tobacco and pot) and the fact that you haven't bathed since Jerry died...your car already smells pretty damn bad. I doubt that a couple of cigarette butts will make a difference.

You know where they do make a difference? Places like my yard, the sidewalk, the lakes, just to name a few.

Sorry for the short rant. Excessive working hours right now are taking a toll on my creativity and patience.

JT out.

Are you kidding me? I love being at Oak Street Beach and running my fingers through the sand, only to instead find myself with a handful of cigarette butts, beer bottletops and Wrigley gum wrappers.

Oh, yes. It's nice.
It needed to be said, JT. Right on.

CARGIRL - Don't forget syringes!
Maybe I'm simply admitting that I don't smoke at all (didn't seem like a very smart idea, having grown up with asthma), but what on earth is in a cigarette butt that takes 11 years to decompose? Isn't it mostly cigarette paper, tobacco, and maybe a little bit of carbon to filter out that good stuff that gives you lung cancer?

But well said. Exactly why is it necessary to throw cigarette butts all over--especially in drier climates where that can lead to a nice little wildfire?

(now that's environmentally insensitive!)
...oh the generalizations.

I recall seeing tons of cigs being dropped on our beloved university's campus during football games.

We both grew up seeing fishermen flicking butts into the late.

Although I understand the "Practice What You Preach" premise of the post, this is not just an epidemic amongst those in VW Vans.
COMPTON - No, but when you live in a college town full of posers such as Columbia (as opposed to Berkley, where there is a bit more of the practicing of what they preach) it just gets old. I saw a Hummer with a deadhead sticker on it the other day...and rims.

So this was really more of a tongue-in-cheek at people who like to pretend they are hippies, when they're just coasting through college on daddy's Mastercard.
I believe "trustafarians" is the term...and I hear you on that point. I just didn't get the cig flicker point, I see that as more of a redneck thing than a hippie thing.

Not sure if you remember Wild Bill from Pickensville (aka William Aultman) from Clemson days, but he is living in West Marin now. I asked him about a festival that is going on up there. His response was in line with your very valid point.

"I mean come on... you seen one naked hippie, you have seen them all. Plus, I am kinda sick of these holier than thou, vegan, activist types telling me that I'm fucking up the planet for everyone and I should make a donation to earth.org or whatever green-washed of a name they gave it when choosing a board of directors to funnel public funds through their dirty, trustafarian fingers; and then they are right next to a fucking funnel cake booth! I mean WTF! How do those hippies, bands, vendors, security personnel, guest speakers, volunteers, and everyone else in the world get to the Sonoma Fairgrounds? They drive... big cars! What do they do once the are there? The consume... mostly prepackaged or post-packaged, over-priced crap that is not as good as what you could get at a small, local market. And where does most of the cash go at the end? Into their pockets or those of the promoter in order to do the same thing next year."
Of course I remeber Wild Bill...and this just exemplifies why I could never forget him.

As for the whole redneck/hippie thing...I live in Columbia, SC.
Actually, Brian, if they're driving VW vans, they're not exactly being environmentally sensitive. The old ones are air cooled engines that leak oil like a sieve (trust an avid bicyclist on this one!), and the new ones, while water cooled, also...leak oil like a sieve.

My cycling lungs thank those, um, "jerks" for the aromatic hydrocarbons. Not.

The only group of vehicles worse than VW vans (and old bugs) as a group are the school buses around here; fully 50% with visible emissions.
Today's post from inhabitat.

VW...2010...wonder if this one will leak oil like a sieve

My prediction; inadvertent oil burner. If they haven't learned their lesson from the "New Beetle" and so on, they're not going to learn their lesson for a concept; that piston and piston ring tolerances are critical for reducing emissions.

Oh, and "extremely expensive" oil burner; carbon fiber and magnesium frames don't come cheap. I predict $50k to start.
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