Wednesday, May 28, 2008



So...I'm really sorry that my last few posts have taken such a negative turn. My intense work schedule and lack of sleep has me on edge, and I don't like the way it's affecting my outlook on life. However, there are bills to be paid, so work I must. Plus, I really love my job, it's just been a crazy month.

2 weeks ago - I had beer suppliers in town from Colorado. Monday night, I thought I was meeting them out for drinks. Which was correct...I just didn't know that drinks meant bar-hopping like I was in college two night in a row - Monday and Tuesday. The rep that rode along with me actually slept in my car between sales calls during the day, something I could not do unless I wanted us to die, since I was driving. Wednesday, I had a wine rep in town. He wanted to "go grab a quick cocktail" at the end of the day, which turned into us drinking our faces off. Thursday night I had a wine tasting, Saturday during the day I had another tasting, and Sunday I wound up picking up a double shift at the Village Idiot. This is all in addition to the normal day hours I worked.

Last week - Wine tastings Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday during the day. Plus normal working hours. Plus my insomnia is starting to kick back in...due to stress. Unfortunately, my stress increases when I don't get the picture. It's a vicious cycle.

This week - Meeting out of town all day Tuesday. Beer event Wednesday night (just got home...10:00 PM.). Wine tasting Thursday night. Sponsoring, and somewhat hosting bar trivia Friday night. Baby shower Saturday. Closing shift at the Idiot Sunday night. Once again, in addition to regular working hours.

So...I'm sorry I've been so short-tempered lately. This is not meant to excuse my behavior, just to provide some insight. I promise, the normally cheerful, yet still a jackass JT will return...just not sure when.

JT out.

With all due respect, friend, you're not doing a very good job of having a bad temper. Or at least I'm not catching on very well--I was under the impression that when a southerner got mad, it tended to be....obvious. :^)

Or more seriously, if this is the worst you get, you're doing OK.
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