Monday, June 16, 2008


New Favorite Shirt

It just works on so many levels, all of which she is unaware of. She probably thinks it says "Yay Jesus!"

JT out.

It always amazes me how Hollyweird celebrities manage to turn wonderful, beautiful gifts of God--their bodies, voices, and acting abilities--and turn them into more or less a parody while trashing their personal lives at the same time.
Anything that bashes Tony Romo and subsequently makes Jessica Simpson look like a complete mongoloid is perfectly fine with this vegetarian.

The crazy thing about Jessica Simpson is that she can actually sing, but she's become such a walking punchline that her vocal career is more or less over.
Note: I'm classier than to make a "smoked sausage" reference to Jessica and her shirt.
Anything that "forces" me to look at her shirt is fine with me.
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